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Testimonial 6 – Happy Client

From the first moment I contacted Mr. Fleming’s office I was treated with utmost respect. Mr. Fleming contacted me from his car phone when he received my voice mail. Within a week a representative from his office came to my home to ask and answer questions.

I was told to immediately make an appointment with Social Security to get the process started; he did tell me that my first response from Social Security would be a negative one. Possibly twice. Of course, that’s exactly what happened.

Audrey kept in contact with me, reassured me, and helped me provide SS what they needed. We kept in contact whenever I received paperwork from SS or they received any information and kept me up to date. Almost a year to my filing date was my hearing. An associate, Mr. Greenwald met my husband and I at court. After reviewing my file, he asked how I felt about changing the date of injury to the date of filing for disability. His reason being that it probably, realistically, took me from the time I was injured to the date I contacted them to realize and I could not work. At first I was hesitant but quickly realized he had my well-being in mind. When we were in the Judge’s chambers the first question he asked was why the date was changed, we provided the reason. After questions from the Judge, we were told I would get my response in the mail. Mr. Greenwald’s first comment once we left the Judge’s chambers was very positive. I did get a positive letter 2 weeks later and YES, I was approved.

Without all the help from Mr. Fleming’s office I am pretty sure that I would not have been successful. They provided all the support I needed, answered questions, and used their experience in helping me be successful. Today, I know without their help I would not be receiving a monthly check for my disability.

I encourage anyone who is disabled to contact Mr. Fleming’s office, they will not be disappointed. Thank you again for helping me receive the benefits I needed. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for help.

~ E.B.

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Testimonial 5 – Happy Client

I have had the best experience dealing with Mr. Fleming and his staff. From the minute the professional gentleman came to my home to sign up my case, up until my hearing date everyone I have come to contact with at this office is AWESOME! I was very nervous while waiting for a hearing date but the paralegal that was handling my file, Stephanie spoke to me monthly to give me updates on the status of my case. The friendly receptionist would answer the phone promptly and direct my call to the right person. The attorney that attended my hearing Mr. Amaya did an amazing job, the Judge told me that he was approving my benefits while were still in court! The support I got from the staff after the hearing was super, they helped me understand what benefits I was entitled to receive and explained everything to me repeatedly until I was able to understand. I definitely recommend this firm to any sick person who needs to get their Social Security benefits approved! The services exceed my expectations.

~ L.G.

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Testimonial 4 – Happy Client

I highly recommend Fred Fleming to anyone who needs social security benefits legal help. He has over 40 years of experience and in all my interactions, he has proven to be a very passionate, caring lawyer. when I call Fred, he is either immediately available to speak, or calls me back within a day. He always makes time to speak and go through everything with me thoroughly. I know Fred and his staff to be thorough, available, caring and knowledgeable. ~ T.F.

Testimonial 3 – Happy Client

My law firm has referred Fred J. Fleming Social Security cases for years. Their results have been terrific and well appreciated by our clients. Mr. Fleming and his law firm are extremely competent, trustworthy and efficient. They truly understand what it takes to help a client get through some tough and difficult times in order to win their case. Fred J. Fleming & Associates deserve the highest praise and recommendation for their service to their clients. ~ J.P.

Testimonial – Happy Clients

I have first hand knowledge of how Mr. Fleming treats his clients. They are treated with care, respect and professionalism. I have referred some of my closest friends and family members to Mr. Fleming knowing he will take good care of them. I currently work with a law firm who refers Social Security cases to Mr. Fleming and I will continue to do so even if I leave this firm. I have seen first hand how much he does care for his clients. The staff is very professional and courteous. ~ A Happy Client

Testimonial – Happy Client

I’ve been a customer of Fred Fleming Attorney at Law’s services for the past two years and I really like them a lot. I recently had a social security disability claim that was becoming quite a pain in the neck. The staff over at Fred Fleming Attorney at Law made my life and the process so much easier. The company consist of an overall wonderful group of individuals to work with. ~ A Happy Client