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AV-Rated Portland and Seattle Attorney Pursues Social Security Disability Benefits

Focused Oregon and Washington firm assists with SSD cases

The Law Offices of Fred J. Fleming helps disabled clients in the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon metro areas get the Social Security disability benefits they need. If you have a serious long-term medical condition that affects your ability to make a living, you may be eligible. We can make sure you meet the deadlines and provide all the information required. The process may seem overwhelming. However, the assistance of a compassionate and experienced Social Security disability attorney can make it much less intimidating and stressful, especially if your initial claim is denied, which is not uncommon.

Determined lawyer explains how the process works

Social Security disability was created to help citizens who can no longer work because of a debilitating medical condition. A qualifying disability is defined as a documented physical or mental health impairment that makes you unable to perform “any substantial gainful activity” and that lasts or is anticipated to last one year or longer or is expected to result in death.

Other factors that are considered include:

  • Severity and type of medical condition
  • Expected duration of medical condition
  • Age
  • Work history — You must have worked at least five out of the past 10 years
  • Length of time you have been contributing to Social Security
  • Education
  • Ability to work in a different type of job

Approximately 70 percent of initial claims for SSD are denied, and the counsel of a disability lawyer can often make a significant difference in a case. It is also important to file your disability claim as soon as possible, and we can work fast to put everything together for you.

Patient attorney guides you throughout your case

It can be hard to understand what the Social Security Administration wants you to provide, but our firm is highly experienced in these areas:

  • Preparing initial claims — We know what the Social Security Administration looks for in initial applications, and we’ll help you prepare yours and gather supporting medical documentation to make your case as strong as possible.
  • Appealing denied claims — If your benefits are denied, you first must file a request for reconsideration with the SSA. If benefits are again denied, you have the right to a hearing before an administrative law judge. We will request a hearing so you can present testimony and evidence to support your claim if it is denied. We will question the vocational expert the SSA asks to provide opinions on your medical condition and ability to work. We can also request another medical opinion. If you lose at the hearing level, we can request review by the Appeals Council and represent you in federal court for a final appeal if necessary.

With an SSD attorney with you from the outset, your chances of being approved may be increased, and it may also speed up the process of receiving your benefits.

Contact a Social Security disability lawyer for a free initial consultation

Call the Law Offices of Fred J. Fleming at 206-339-0032 or contact us online to schedule a free SSD consultation in Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington.